I’m the King of the Stikbots!

My cinematic obsession with goofy robots has once again paid off! Last week my entry for Zing Toys’ “Stikbot Star” Stop Motion animation contest won the $15,000 grand prize!  I haven’t shot a Stop Motion […]

Kiss Me, I’m a Ghostbuster

When I was a kid, Chicago’s annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade was just a long line of politicians and teamsters. But these days the city let’s all of kinds of groups march. So sure, there […]

Hey now, I’m a Crock-Star!

I am the Crock-Pot king. I actually own two of them and I probably use my big one 6 times a month. So when Crock-Pot announced their “Crock-Star recipe contest” I knew I had to […]

Filming at the Uptown Ribfest

Everyone knows that my three favorite things in the world are ribs, burlesque and shooting super-mini documentaries. So as you can imagine, my shoot at the Windy City ribfest was a dream come true. I […]

In Your Face, Chicago!

In the spring of 2009, I got a new DV camera and I decided the best way to test it out would be to create a weekly web series. Yes, I was insane. The show […]

Hey Chuck, thanks for the cash!

Were you awake and watching CBS This Morning at about 8AM on Saturday? No?!?! Well that’s too bad because if you had tuned in you would have seen an interview with the $10,000 winner of […]

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